Project management

Design of Hydroengineering structures

Development of location schemes for future hydropower objects construction (territorial planning);

Development of investment substantiation for construction of hydropower structures (including small, average and power HPP) and hydroengineering structures of different purpose (dams, barriers, bank protections, ash dumps, tailing dumps, water intake structures, spillways):

Development of design and work documentation for hydropower and hydroengineering structures:

  • Development of special sections of design documentation according to the Government decision № 87 “On design documentation sections and demands for their content”;
  • Examination support of design documentation at all stages of the project;
  • Execution of works on technical-economic assessment of expediency of a new object construction or rehabilitation of the existing one;
  • Development of repair and rehabilitation projects of the existing hydroengineering structures aimed at modernization, safety increase and service life extension of the object;
  • Preparation of technical conclusion on the design documentation quality for HES construction performed by third-party organizations;
  • Consulting in the field of HES design;
  • Quality control for construction, conformity of the active work to the working documentation;
  • Interim acceptance of critical structures and certification of the hidden works within the deadlines provided by the schedule. Logging of author supervision;
  • Acceptance of operative technical decisions on design issues arising during the construction phase;
  • Research and development activity in the field of standard structure development and new engineering decisions for hydroengineering objects construction.

Design automation and multi-D modeling

  • Development and implementation of automated design technologies;
  • 3-D modeling of structures, main and auxiliary equipment, technological systems of HPP, relief of hydrosystem territory in different software products.
  • Creation of computer training simulators and interactive computer complexes of HPP.
  • Visualization and animation of 3-D HPP model and development of accidents and emergencies as well as technological processes of HPP.
  • 3-D modeling of accidents and emergencies (including the defined in the Safety Declaration of the object).

Geoinformation systems and technologies

  • Works related to creation of geoinformation systems (GIS) in the scope of work performed by the departments of the JSC “The B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG”;
  • Development of methods and technologies for application of remote monitoring systems and GIS to research zones under hydroengineering structure affection and solve applied problems;
  • Development of methods for GIS and web-technologies application for remote research of economic, social and geographic changes to fulfill works according to hydropower schemes, using the rivers, and other works;
  • Participation in creation and maintenance of geodata bases, GIS, in information resource generation.

Reservoirs and environment protection

  • Integrated implementation of the projects “Rules for reservoir use”;
  • Projects approval in all instances of all levels, the projects protection in examinations and their further approval, including a discussion of the project with the interested public;
  • Designer’s supervision over the preparation of reservoirs and downstream, implementation of compensatory and environmental activities, participation in acceptance of the object into operation;
  • Environmental impact assessment of objects of the planned economic activity (for HPP and other objects of hydroengineering construction);
  • Development of special sections of the project documentation (including the section “Environmental protection measures”;
  • Development of PPD (project of permissible discharges of polluting substances and microorganisms into water objects), PPE (project of permissible emissions of polluting substances into anmosphere) projects, etc.


Development of estimate documents for projects, lists of resources and material requirements. Development of estimate documents for pricing and cost determination of the main construction objects.

Cost estimation, formation of contractual prices for construction products with the use of the existing provisions on construction value determination.

Consideration of customer’s and contractors’ proposals on application of the estimate standards.

Control and coordination of work cost for subcontracting agreements.

Protection of the estimated cost in examinations of the relevant levels.


Engineering and consulting services for offshore structure design ranging from support of geological engineering survey to the development of safety declarations for fixed offshore structures and design examinations.

Project management in the sphere of the development of the offshore and coastal areas of seas and oceans and control for the project realization.

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