Share capital

As for 31.03.2013

The authorized capital of the JSC “The Vedeneev VNIIG” is 8 160 200 (eight million one hundred sixty thousand, two hundred) rubles divided into 81 602 (eighty one thousand six hundred and two) pieces of ordinary registered shares with par value of 100 (one hundred) rubles each.

100 per cent of shares of the JSC “The Vedeneev VNIIG” belong to the JSC “RusHydro”.

The total number of persons, interested in the shareholder register of the JSC “The Vedeneev VNIIG” as for 31.03.2013 – 1.

Each ordinary registered share of the Company gives the shareholder-its owner the same scope of rights.

The shareholders-owners of the ordinary registered shares of the Company have got the right:

  • participate personally or through representatives in the General meeting of shareholders and vote on all issues within the competence;
  • make suggestions on the agenda of the General meeting in the order stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Charter;
  • receive information of the Company’s activity and familiarize with Company’s documents according to the article 91 of the Russian Federation “On joint stock companies”, other legal acts and the Charter;
  • draw dividends declared by the Company;
  • in case of Company liquidation, receive a part of its property.
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