Vedeneev VNIIG is a legal successor of the state enterprise “The B.E. Vedeneev All Russia Institute of Hydraulic Engineering”. The Institute was founded in 1921 on Decree of People’s Commissar Council of RSFSR to work out amelioration and water management problems. Specialists of the Institute took an active part in implementation of GOELRO plan. After reorganization and incorporation with a number of organizations in 1931 the Institute became one of the leading research centers in hydraulic power engineering and construction.

The results of theoretical and experimental studies have been used for validation of designs and rules for operation of hydroengineering, hydropower, water management objects built in different environmental conditions. Scientific-research works have been fulfilled for designing and construction of a number of power and water management of projects abroad.

From sixties of the last century the Institute is the directing organization on development of standard and methodical documentation (SNiP, GOST, VSN, guidelines, recommendations and other standard documents).

In the end of 80’s the Institute started working on validation of offshore structure designs including platforms and terminals for oil-and gas production. The structures had to resist loads from ice field shearing, waves, wind, currents and seismic impacts during construction and operation.

In 1971 due to 50-year anniversary of VNIIG foundation it was awarded with an Order of Labor Red Banner for merit in development of hydroengineering science and power. In 1975-1989 the Institute team was presented ten times on All-USSR Honors Board for outstanding achievements in fulfillment of state research-engineering programs.

The basic lines of the Vedeneev VNIIG activities are integrated studies on scientific substantiation of reliable and safe operation of the existing hydraulic, thermal and nuclear power plants, research-engineering support of the constructing power objects: designing of prospective hydrosystems; preparation and upgrading of standard-methodical base on power plant construction and operation, researches of structures and designs for development in Arctic and Sakhalin offshore.

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