Offshore structures

The Institute provides research support for feasibility studies and workshop designs of offshore structures (submersible platforms, terminals, man-made islands, etc).

A considerable amount of research efforts for offshore structures accounts for structural stability evaluations, particularly experimental and computational evaluation of wave, ice and other natural loads, strength assessment of foundation soils and arrangement of bed scour protection under joint effect of currents and waves. We also make stability evaluations of “structure-foundation” systems operating under various types of loads.

Wave loads and effects on support elements of structures are determined with account for wind and sea currents by approved engineering computational methods and software.

The experts of the Institute also make assessments of ice impacts on structures, work out scenarios of interaction between ice formations and structure.

Seismic impacts assessment includes sequential analysis of site reaction, interaction between structure and soil and structure reaction.

Methods of mathematical modeling of stress-strain state of “foundation-platform” system are widely used on all stages of designing of fixed offshore sleetproof platforms.

We apply such software as “DISC-Geomechanics”, “Stability” and “Dolphin” (developed in VNIIG), “Plaxis”, “ANSYS”, “ABAQUS”, “COSMOS/M” to provide reliable installation and operation of structures.

Experimental studies of scour protection have been carried out for the offshore platform of Prirazlomny field as well as for the platform of Arkutun-Dagi field (together with experts from Holland, Norway and Denmark).

In the field of technology of concrete material and concreting works for offshore structures research is aimed at examination of possibility of using concrete as structural and ballast material and development of special frost-resistant concretes for structural repair.

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