Flood protection

Beginning from 1972 VNIIG was among those organizations which started the initial design of St. Petersburg flood protection barrier.

The Institute had performed structural layout, technologies of earth and concrete structures building, model and computation studies of all the structures of the barrier, substantiated the structural layout, analyzed the currents in the Neva Bay of the Finish Gulf. Special attention was paid to ecological substantiation of the design. The Institute provided research-engineering support of construction.

In the 90’s , after cessation of construction works, the Institute was engaged in investigation of the state of embankment and concrete structures of the barrier.

In 2002 the4 barrier construction was resumed. The Institute takes an active part in research-engineering support of barrier operation.

Information-diagnostics system of control for the hydroengineering structure state is developing.

Information-diagnostic system is intended for control of hydroengineering structures state, efficiency increase of their technical operation and service; for early detection and prevention of origination and evolution of accidents, reducing of failure risks and non-programmed costs; for optimization of operating costs providing needed safety level; for planning and selection of effects variants on the base of the analysis of the results of periodic instrumentation and visual observations, examinations and surveys of buildings and structures.

The Institute provides great research-engineering assistance to bring the barrier into service.

“The B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG” carries out detailed inspections of HES, prepares rules for structure operation, draws up guidelines, develops base of standard-engineering documentation for operating personnel. There has been issued the declaration on safety of hydroengineering structures and defined criteria of their safety.

The Institute hands on personnel training after which the personnel get certificates of “Rostechnadzor” and the right for structure operation and repair.

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