Lines of activity

Basic lines

The main products of The Vedeneev VNIIG are research and experimental developments, project documentation in the following broad areas:

  • Scientific substantiation of structure reliability and safety.
  • Development, testing, certification of building materials, products and structures.
  • Development of sectoral system to monitor the condition and safety of hydroengineering structures, elaboration of measures to prevent and liquidate accidents.
  • Compiling of a normative-methodical base on power construction and power structures operation.
  • Development of modern information and intellectual technologies.
  • Development of design documentation for power and hydropower objects (justification of investments into the HPP cascade on the river Timpton YuYaGEC, LNPP 2 and into some other objects).
  • Development of design and engineering documentation for the projects of fixed structures on offshore zones of the Russian seas. 
  • Scientific and methodological support of design solutions and construction of the Flood protection barrier in Saint-Petersburg.
  • Training of high-skilled personal in post-graduate and doctorate.
  • International collaboration with IAHR, ICOLD, et al. 
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