Diagnostics of structures, mechanical equipment and support of special works

Diagnostics of structural units. Technicaldiagnostics of structural units and constructions of different purpose. State assessment of carrying and envelope structural units, project development. Development of information systems and data banks on damages of structures and their elements, methods of state diagnostics of concrete, reinforced concrete and metal structures.

Vibration-dynamic diagnostics. Dynamic studies of under-generator structures, bridging columns and trusses of generator halls. Acceptance dynamic testing of turbine units foundations used under head engines of different power. Assessment of strength and reliability of turbine unit foundation. Dynamic state assessment of hydroengineering structures and issue of “Dynamic passport for HES”. Vibration-dynamic diagnostics of structural units.

Diagnostics of mechanical equipment. Development of evaluation methods to determine reliability of equipment and its elements, information systems and data base on damages of equipment and its elements, expert systems to assess operational reliability of HES fabricated metals. Inspection of hydromechanical equipment state. Development of methods for repair and reconstruction of hydraulic turbine channel elements. Model studies of mechanical equipment and in-situ studies of hydraulic turbine channel elements at hydraulic unit startup.

Integrated studies of physical-mechanical properties of rocks, construction materials and special works support. Scientific-research, implementation and development works in the fields of designing, construction, operation and repair of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Development of information systems and data banks.

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