Statics and dynamics of structures and foundations

Research-engineering support of hydroengineering and power structures on the stage of designing, construction and operation. Integrated analysis of interaction mode of structures with environment.

Methodical and design-theoretical support for solving the tasks on evaluation of strength, stability, stress-strain state of structures and their foundations under static and dynamic loads.

Development and improvement of new and existing calculations methods of strength, stability, stress-strain state, temperature and seepage regimes of the system “structure-foundation”, taking into account stepwise construction and with time changes of soil and material properties under static and dynamic impacts including seismic ones.

Development of calculation methods of slopes stability, stress-strain state and seepage strength of earth dams taking into account specific features of structures, different types of antiseepage elements, elements of underground outline and their conjugations.

Development of mathematical modeling methods to predict and evaluate stress-strain state, strength and stability of the system “underground structure – foundation”, rock massifs and slopes.

Calculation validation of static and dynamic stability of ash-and-slug dump slopes, seepage strength taking into account temperature regime and construction succession.

State evaluation, parameters identification, calculation researches of mutual operation of power and hydroengineering structures and their foundations under static, dynamic and seismic loads.

Calculated validation of reliability and operability life of structures and foundations on the stage of designing, construction and operation taking into account data of in-situ observation for the system “structure – foundation” behavior.

Development of algorithms and application packages to solve different questions concerning the evaluation of structure-foundation interaction.

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