Technical water supply and cooling systems of thermal and nuclear power plants

Studies of hydraulics and thermal state of water intakes, pumping units, pressure and free-flow waterways, water outlets, training and allocating structures.

Hydroaerothermal studies and development of nature-protection measures for reservoir-coolers, cooling towers and spray coolers for systems of technical water supply of TPP and NPP.

Assessment and prediction of hydrothermal regime of water coolers in the systems of technical water supply for TPP and NPP on the base of computation methods, laboratory and full-scalestudies.

Laboratory and full-scale hydroaerothermal (aerodynamic) studies of water-cooling elements of cooling towers.

Designing of reverse water supply systems with application of spraying coolers.

Development of means to provide technical reliability of ecological safety of technical water supply systems for TPP and NPP.

Hydrothermal full-scale4 studies by the methods of physical and mathematical modeling.

Laboratory and full-scale hydraulic researches of pipeline systems of technical water supply for TPP and HPP.

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