Innovation activity

The B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG is one of the key scientific-research Institutes realizing programs of “RusHydro” innovation development.

Main lines of VNIIG innovation activity:

  • validation of new structures of Boguchanskaya HPP spillways (spet-type);
  • implementation of hydrid modeling of hydraulic processes in hydropower engineering;
  • organization of experimental base for wave impacts;
  • development of new compositions and technologies of dam construction of earth materials with non-earth antiseepage elements (asphalt-concrete core wall of Boguchanskaya HPP dam);
  • integrated analysis of geoseepage regime of structures base of Zagorskaya SPPP accont for construction influence of SPPP-2;
  • development of mathematical models of “dam-foundation” system for Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP applying software COSMOS and ANSYS account for step-by-step construction and loading, formation and development of softening on the contact “concrete-rock”, sub-horizontal cracks and joint opening;
  • development of information-diagnostc system for St. Pertersburg flood protection barrier;
  • development of high-strength concrete of B60 class (Leningradskaya NPP), high-strength, heavy and extremelty heavy concretes (Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2);
  • development of specification and design of the gravity slab for Arkutun-Dagi planform (“Sakhalin-1” project).

In IT-technology field the following measures are referred to main innovation processes: implementation of design computation validation, construction and operation of hydroengineering structures and foundations, mathematical modeling on the base of software ANSYS, PLAXIS,MODFLOW using new computer system (computation cluster) on the base of HP Blade System.

On all stages of innovation activity the B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG protects all objects of intellectual property – new technical solutions based on inventions and useful models, objects of copyright – PC software and data bases, transfer and/or acquisition of rights for commercial realization of intellectual activity results.

The B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG keeps in force 41 RF patents on inventions, 22 RF patents on useful models, 10 computer programs and data bases officially registered in ROSPATENT. The results of the Institute intellectual activity have been used for the objects of hydraulic engineering, thermal power engineering and construction: at Sayano-Shushenskaya, Bureiskaya, Chirkeiskaya, Miatlinskaya, Irkutskaya, Ust-Ilimskaya, Narvskaya and other hydropower plants, Volgodoskaya NPP, Surgutskaya SPPP-1,2, in the “Sakhalin-1” project and for ST. Petersburf flood protection barrier.

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