Hydraulics, ice research and reservoir management

Hydraulics of hydrosystem structures: hydraulic justification of hydrosystem layout and structure hydraulics in operation and construction periods, hydraulics of spillways and water-pass structures, conjugation of upstream/downstream, energy dissipation and aeration of discharge flow; determination of hydraulic dynamic and cavitation attack on streamlined elements of hydraulic structures, mathematical modeling of pressure and free-flow waterways, sediment transport, contaminants transfer, field observations of hydrosystem spillway structures.

Analysis of river bed regimes in upstream/downstream zones of hydrosystems and waterways: nonumiform and unsteady flows in natural waterways, channels and hydrosystem upstream/downstream zone, determination of local scours and river bed transformation, study of river bed processes and sediment transport, determination of wave impacts on hydroengineering structures and bank slopes.

Hydraulics of offshore structures: determination of local scours and sediment transport using physical and mathematical models; determination of wave impacts on hydroengineering structures including structures in coastal and offshore zones.

Mathematical modeling of hydraulic processes: calculations of breakwave parameters and subsequent damages; 3D mathematical modeling.

Ice research of hydrosystem upstream/downstream zone: studies of ice and thermal regimes of hydrosystem upstream; 3D conjunction of upstream/downstream, prediction of ice thermal regimes of hydrosystem downstream.

Studies in ice hydraulics field: thermal conjunction of upstream/downstream; studies of ice under-diving processes.

Determination of spray icing values: determination of freezing ice layers thickness.

Studies in the field of reservoir management: determination and revision of calculated hydraulic characteristics of waterways.

Operability assurance for HES mechanical equipment in winter: development of HES protection means against icing.

Numerical modeling of hydraulic transient processes: evaluation of hydraulic impact values in the trunk of arbitrary configuration.

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