Safety of hydraulic engineering structures

Research support of operation, diagnostics and assessment of hydroengineering structure safety of HPP, Tpp and NPP.

Designing, organization and full-scale observations and studies of all types of hydroengineering structures of power plants and other objects with assessment their operational reliability and safety.

Multiple-factor analysis of operation and assessment of structure technical state by monitoring results and modern computation methods, diagnostics of embankment dams on various stages and at different conditions of their operation.

Development and turnkey implementation of information-diagnostics systems of automated control for hydroengineering structures (AIDS HES).

Development of criteria and declaration on safety of hydroengineering structures.

Preparation of standard-methodical documents on operation, full-scale supervisions and safety of structures.

Research-engineering support of flood protection barrier operation:

preparation of rules and guidelines, personnel training, testing and checkout of equipment.

Integrated full-scale studies of operational reliability and safety of more than 200 hydroengineering structures in our country and abroad that embrace practically all hydropower plants of Siberia, Far East, Caucasus, Karelia and Kola Peninsula.

Analytical center of safety and reliability of hydroengineering structures and equipment of “RusHydro” was organized on the VNIIG basis. The main task is management of practical and normative knowledge: management of experience and innovations, standard-engineering and methodical documentation, reports and information exchange.

Analytical center functions:

  • development of requirements on provision of safety and reliability for HES and equipment during HES designing and construction;
  • monitoring and comprehensive assessment of the state of HES and equipment;
  • development of technical solutions to realize impacts on HES;
  • control for compliance of requirements providing safety and reliability of HES and equipment.

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