Soil mechanics and geotechnics

  • Inspection of earth structures and their foundations;
  • Quality control for earth structures and their elements during construction and operation;
  • Engineering-geological and designed schematization of earth foundations;
  • Determination of physical-mechanical characteristics of soils, including dynamic ones, by the Russian and Foreign Standards;
  • Development of waterproof and anticorrosion compositions;
  • Selection of sol materials and laying technology for different HES elements including large-fragment rocks and asphalt-concrete core wall;
  • Engineering-geological survey of structure foundations and quarry materials.

Static studies of soils: research and application studies of structure foundation soils and construction materials to provide initial data for static calculations of structure stability and settlement, as well as scientific-methodical support of complex objects on the stage of exploration, designing, construction and operation.

Dynamic studies of soils: the laboratory is equipped with modern means to determine dynamic and static characteristics of cohesive and noncohesive soils in the conditions of dynamic loads (seismic, anthropogenic, ice, wave) on HES, NPP and offshore oil-gas production platforms.

Waterproofing and corrosion protection: studies, development, designing and implementation of materials and technologies of antiseepage waterproof structure elements and corrosion protection for constructing, repairing, reconstructing and designing structures; monitoring of new waterproof, roofing, anticorrosion materials and study of their main characteristics.

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