Designing of hydroengineering structures

Information modeling of constructing and designing objects:

  • implementation of a system of structure information modeling supporting parametric modeling;
  • implementation of automated design systems for hydroengineering objects;
  • development of methods of HES information modeling;
  • development of geoinformation systems of the area for hydroengineering object construction.

There has been developed the Automated system of diagnostic control for hydroengineering structures (ASDC HES) “HydroCon” that includes sensors of seepage and geodesic control instrumentation; automated interrogation system (AIS) of control instrumentation; information-diagnostic system (IDS).

ASDC “HydroCon” is an open system that allows use all spectrum of produced control instrumentation, complex geodesic systems of monitoring, structure states, 3-D models of new monitoring objects.

ASDC “HydroCon” is a scalable system and can be adapted to hydroengineering structures of any size

Information-diagnostic system provides analysis of HES state basing on data of in-situ observations, reviewing of in-situ observations archives and corresponding documentation, on-line automated diagnostics of the state with desired diagnostic criteria as well as output of messages alerting about changes of HES safe operation conditions.

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