Statics and seismic stability of concrete and reinforced concrete structures

Dynamics and seismic stability of concrete and reinforced concrete structures:

  • integrated design assessment of concrete dam seismic stability, assessment of seismostressed state and strength of power plant structural units;
  • design assessment of structural units strength under different dynamic impacts;
  • development of automated systems of seismometric control (ASSC) for hydroengineering structures, operation analysis;
  • determination of structures dynamic reaction on natural and anthropogenic seismic impacts, etc.

Statics and thermal research of concrete and reinforced concrete structures:

  • research of temperature regime and stressed-strain state of concrete structures during construction and operation;
  • development and improvement of mathematical modeling methods using for the creation processes of temperature regime and thermal-stressed state of massive concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • development of recommendations on temperature adjustment of massive concrete and reinforced concrete structures to provide their thermal crack resistance;
  • development of methods to estimate states of concrete structures under thermal effects taking into account their probabilistic character, etc.

Diagnostics of concrete dam state:

  • studies and assessment of concrete dams state basing on the analysis of in-situ observation data for the behavior of the concrete dam-foundation system;
  • fitting out and upgrading of instrumentation equipment to control the state of hydroengineering structures in operation;
  • development of recommendations on operational control for the state of concrete dams and methods of concrete dam state analysis basing on operational control data, etc.

Preparation of documents used at operation of hydroengineering structures. Safety Declaration and safety criteria, HES monitoring projects, in-situ observation programs.

Participation in revision and development of documentation according to the RF Law “On Engineering Regulation” and taking into account the world experience of normative-methodical documents on designing construction and operation of hydroengineering and power structures for different HPP.

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