Technology of reinforced concrete structure construction and repair

Technology of concrete and repair works

Development of concrete works technology (development of technological regulations, recommendations on structure concreting etc.)

Engineering support at objects. Development of engineering solutions for concreting of responsible structures.

Examination of design and work documentation

Development of state standards and other normative documentations

Adaptation of foreign design documentation to the Russian standards (participation in international projects)

Assessment of strength and deformation characteristics of concrete

Study of physical-mechanical and deformation characteristics of concrete

Inspection and assessment of concrete and reinforced concrete structure state

Development of technical repair solutions

Concrete and new materials technology

Quality control for concrete and concrete works

Control for providers of reinforcement and reinforcement items, material for concrete mixing (cement, sand, crushed aggregates, admixtures, silica fume).

Control for batch plants, producers of concrete and reinforced concrete items, construction companies – producers of concrete and reinforcement works.

Organization of a laboratory at the objects site. Incoming quality control for concrete mixes, concrete, reinforcement and other materials. Control for concrete components and technologies of batch plants and items producers. Concrete properties assessment by cubes and concrete core samples. Quality control for concrete structures by nondestructive methods.

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