Foundations, earth and underground structures

Research in engineering geology field: inspection of foundation soils of the existing structures and prediction of changes of engineering-geological conditions; engineering-geological zoning; geophysical works; hydro-geological works; evaluation of dangerous geological and engineering-geological processes, supplementary activity with specific soils (explorations on swelling soils at freezing, on subsidence, swelling soils in the regions of organic-mineral and organic soils occurrence); modeling in engineering geology.

Seepage studies: in-situ investigations, laboratory testing, computer modeling of seepage processes; pollution protection of territories; flood protection of territories. In laboratory conditions there has been produced a unique complex to determine characteristics of permeability and erosion stability of non-rock and rock soils, correspondingly, for development of designing regulations of antiseepage and drainage facilities for head hydroengineering structures.

Numerical modeling methods of 3-D seepage flows in complicated engineering-geological conditions are improving. One of such methods has been realized in computer program named “DRENA”, intended for numerical modeling of 3-D seepage flows in foundations of power structures, industrial sites, waste treatment plants, etc.

Designing, construction and operation of hydraulic fill structures and dumps: inspection of structure technical state; field investigations of foundation soil properties; validation of technology of construction and designs for hydraulic fill structures; validation of usage either structures or their separate elements of local construction materials for construction; survey and instrument control for structures state; evaluation of hydraulic fill structures influence on environment, etc.

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