Post Graduate/Doctorate Education

According to the license granted to “The Vedeneev VNIIG” for the right for education activities in the field of post-graduate education, the Institute prepares specialists in the following spheres:

  • 05.23.02 –Bases, foundations, underground structures
  • 05.23.07 –Hydraulic construction
  • 05.23.16 –Hydraulics and engineering hydrology
  • 05.23.05 –Construction materials and products
  • 05.14.08 –Power plants on the basis of renewable energy sources
  • 05.25.05 –Information systems and processes, legal aspects of informatics

Everybody who has entered post-graduate/doctorate can get methodical and organizational support to formulate topics of research, schedule of studies, appoint scientific advisor and publish research results. They can also attend courses of lectures and seminars for preparation to future examinations.

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