General Director

Orischuk Roman Nikolayevich, 1979

In 2002 Orischuk R.N. graduated with excellence from the Saint-Petersburg State Technical University on specialty “Hydroelectropower” and in 2013 the post-graduate studies of “Vedeneev VNIIG”, JSC on specialty “Hydraulic engineering construction”.

From 2002 he is leading production-research activities at “Vedeneev VNIIG”, JSC where he passed the way from ordinary engineer to managerial positions.

He is a highly-skilled expert in the scientific field “Foundations and soil structures”.

Since employment in VNIIG, he was involved in the development of design activities of the Institute. The result of this work was the establishment of the project division at VNIIG, which allowed the Institute to expand its presence in the foreign, relatively to “RusHydro”, PJSC, market as well as become the General Designer on rehabilitation of several objects of the Company.

From 2008 – Chief project engineer of South-Yakutsk hydropower complex.

From 2010 – Chief engineering manager of “South-Yakutsk hydropower complex”, JSC.

In 2010 he was appointed the Technical Director of “Vedeneev VNIIG”, JSC. Special attention of his activity on the position of Technical Director Orischuk R.N. paid to the effective interaction between the scientific and design departments of VNIIG which is a prerequisite for efficient development of research activities and enables a comprehensive solution to the problems of hydroengineering, hydropower and special construction.

From 15.06.2016 by resolution of the Board of Directors of “Vedeneev VNIIG”, JSC from 14.06.2016 (Protocol N-1 from 14.06.2016) he was elected the General Director of the Joint-Stock Company.

Participant of International conferences.

In 2012 - awarded the honorary diploma of “RusHydro”, JSC.
In 2015 – awarded a Memorable sign “10 years of RusHydro”.
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