S.V. Solsky, D.V. Stefanishin, O.M. Finagenov, S.G. Shulman. RELIABILITY OF INDUSTRIAL AND HOUSEHOLD WASTE STORAGES. 2006

S.V. Solsky, D.V.Stefanishin, O.M.Finagenov, S.G. Shulman. Reliability of Industrial and Household Waste Storages. SPb., B.E.Vedeneev VNIIG Publishing House, 2006.

The book is devoted to the methods of analysis of industrial and household waste storage reliability and distribution of pollution in soil environments in the scope of a system approach based on synthesis of representation and methods of two basic directions of the current theory of reliability: the parametrical theory of reliability of structures and constructions and the Structurel theory of reliability of complex systems.

The book is intended for a wide circle of specialists engaged in the problems of reliability and safety who use in their practical activity the methods of calculation of hydrological characteristics applicable to technogenically loaded areas as well as for students and post-graduate students of the appropriate specialities, scientific workers, designers, hydraulic engineers, workers of environment-protection organisations, ecologists, experts of supervision bodies and executive authorities participating in development and realisation of complex measures on water management of technogenically loaded areas and quality control of drainage on these areas.

Approved by the editorial and publishing board of the B.E. Vedeneev All-Russian Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering (VNIIG).
Reviewer - Bugrov A.K., Prof., DSc (Eng.), Shtykov V.I., Prof., DSc (Eng.).

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